Alan Jones explains yesterday’s glitch: I don’t know what the Klotz frames are

After yesterday’s glitch, which disrupted Alan Jones’ OB from Glasgow and part of Ray Hadley’s mornings show (see our earlier report), Jones received an email from 2GB’s chief engineer explaining the situation.

This morning, an amused Jones read out the email to his listeners:

“I don’t know what the Klotz frames are,” said Alan, then went on to explain the frame reset that make the Klotz desk work again.

“After the reset there are no remaining symptoms and the system has been working well all afternoon. I’m not expecting any issues tomorrow morning,” said Jones, quoting Martin the chief engineer.

“It’s like reading a doctor’s report of your health condition isn’t it. You’ve got no idea what it means and you think, my god if it’s as bad as it sounds I’m about to die.”

He thanked Martin saying, “I didn’t understand a word you said but I appreciate the email.”

Chief Engineers please note Alan’s technical advice: “If you want good radio you’ve got to have the Klotz frames in Sync!” Listen to the segment below.


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