Australian entries win Gold at the New York Festivals Radio Awards

The New York Festivals Radio Awards were held overnight, and the ABC, SBS, Audible and CBAA were among the winners.

Gold Awards went to the ABC for Stuff The British Stole (History), to ABC RN for Kangaroo Cuddles (Health/Medical), Audible for Nut Jobs: Cracking California’s Strangest 10 Million Dollar Heist (Narrative/Documentary Podcast and Serialised Podcast), and StoryProjects for Birds Eye View (Social Justice Podcast).

Manager of RN, Cath Dwyer, says the New York Festivals’ awards showed how compelling Australian content attracts listeners the world over. “The heady mix of humanity, history and current affairs in Stuff the British Stole, Earshot and Background Briefing highlights the ABC’s commitment to rich audio stories that touch the heart and mind.”

“At a time when so many of us have been stuck at home, such evocative and empathetic storytelling enables us to travel the world and through time. Season 2 of Stuff the British Stole will take listeners even deeper into the stories of important objects that ended up in museums and cultural institutions across the UK.”

 Marc Fennell says, “Two years ago I packed my microphone in a bag on a whim heading to London. I never expected that the result, Stuff the British Stole, would grow into what it has. From a Walkley Award nomination to being lauded by podcasting royalty Roman Mars and now winning a gold medal at the New York Festivals.

 “Australia’s complex, emotional colonial history is shared with so many nations around the world. It seems only fitting that CBC Podcasts is partnering with us on Season 2.”

 Fennell also picked up Gold awards for his work on Nut Jobs: Cracking California’s Strangest 10 Million Dollar Heist.

The ABC picked up a Silver Award for How Fracking Could Threaten Australia’s Paris Target (Best Investigative Reoprt) while SBS also got Silver for Racism Within (Social Justice Podcast).

Kangaroo Cuddles was also awarded a Bronze (Social Issues) with the CBAA picking up 2 Bronze awards for Home and Housed – From the Embers (Environment & Ecology) and The Glowing Island – From the Embers.

CBAA’s CEO, Jon Bisset, says, “There is no doubt that the bushfires of 2019-20 affected so many Australians and their stories needed to be told. This series was created in partnership with nine community radio stations who faced the frontline of the fires. We are grateful to the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas and the Paul Ramsay Foundation who generously supported the project. Without their help, the podcast series would not have been possible.’’

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