Bay FM & K Rock drive Jobs4Geelong

It’s been a tough few weeks for Geelong with the news that the city is likely going to lose thousands of local jobs.

So Geelong’s biggest media organisations have come together to run a campaign to reinforce that the city is not on the ropes, but is a vibrant, positive centre with a strong economy that’s going through a time of transition.

Grant Broadcaster’s radio stations Bay FM and K Rock, along with the Geelong Advertiser newspaper are putting their considerable people reaching power to good use with the “Jobs4Geelong” campaign.

The initiative is designed around a “greater Geelong”, and as well as doing it’s bit to find work for people will also focus on Geelong’s extraordinary growth in tourism, retail, new manufacturing and  service industries.

The Jobs4Geelong web portal is now active and displaced workers are invited to go there for information about jobs, training and other services.

Andy Mathers, General manager of K Rock and Bay FM said “the decision to work together very much demonstrates our mutual desire to unite for the good of the city. In no way do we want to ignore or diminish the challenges facing our friends and families in the manufacturing sectors, but it’s up to all of us to also promote what’s great through being positive about our region’s future”.

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