Hinch: Beardless but unrepentant

The self confessed “Human Headline”, Derry Hinch, was this morning released from prison after spending 50 days behind bars.

The former 3AW “shock jock” was found to be in contempt of court in January after breaching a suppression order about the killer of Jill Meagher. He was ordered to pay a $100,000 fine – or spend 50 days in gaol as a result of the breach.

Hinch refused to pay the fine “on principle” so has spent the last 50 days in Her Majesty’s custody, including a period at Langi Kal Kal gaol in Trawalla, about 150 kilometres from Melbourne.

He was imprisoned in maximum security for much of his time in jail, meaning he was only let out of his cell for an hour a day for excercise.

Asked what his time in prison was like for him, Hinch said “the guards and other guys treated me pretty well but it was no picnic. ‘You are talking strip searches, bend over the whole lot.  And to wake up on your 70th birthday and have a guard saying happy birthday, it was tough.’’

The recent recipient of a liver transplant, this was the 6th time Hinch has been convicted of contempt of court.

Hinch says he feels “justified” in going to prison and continues to work on his Protect the Children campaign that calls for a public sex offenders register to be created.

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