CADA and smooth serving their DAB audiences: GfK Survey 7

Cumulative listenership to radio was down across the capital cities, but DAB+ was up with youth station CADA the leader in Sydney and the other states enjoying a mix of 80s, 90s and smooth.

This was the second survey for Disrupt Radio and Radio Maria in Sydney and Melbourne. Contrary to my expectations, Disrupt, which is based in Melbourne, dropped there but picked up 7ooo new listeners in Sydney. Radio Maria, a devotional station also in Victoria, doubled its audience in Sydney and picked up 20K new ones in Melbourne.

In Sydney, CADA has more than 150K listeners, KIIS 90s is close behind and Coles Radio, smooth relax and ABC Sports have dropped behind a little (or a lot in the case of ABC Sports post particularly busy sporting seasons).

Gold 80s snuck in front of KIIS 90s and smooth relax in Melbourne

Adelaide is the most evenly spread with smooth FM and Coles Radio just ahead.

smooth FM is well ahead in Brisbane and close to an audience of 100,000.

And finally in Perth, the gap between smooth FM and the closest to it, OLDSKOOL 80s HITS is vast. smooth there has 106k listeners.

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