CADA’s multiplatform youth offering to begin trade marketing next week

ARN’s new youth network CADA will launch to advertisers and marketers next week offering them “a greater sphere of influence and a range of opportunities that drive engagement and cut through for brand partners.”

Following a playbook similar to our expert analysis of youth audio strategies last week, the audio-first youth offering will be inclusive and influencer led.

There will be multiple points to engage and take part in the CADA-verse, from the free iHeartRadio App, FM in Western Sydney, and DAB+ nationally, to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and The multi-platform approach opens CADA’s audience up to non-traditional radio advertisers.

The website and socials will go live with content this Thursday at 4pm, when the station will officially switch formats.

CADA Head of Marketing Kat Tamayo has told radioinfo: CADA is not just about putting songs on the radio; it’s about celebrating artists and helping our audience escape the noise and focus on what’s relevant in music and the global lifestyle they are a part of.

CADA’s content is anchored in audio but will span beyond that into video, social and experiential, providing us with a greater sphere of influence and a range of opportunities that drive engagement and cut through for brand partners. There are many exciting things on the horizon, and we can’t wait to bring our listeners, community and partners along for the ride.”

CADA’s launch campaign, which will go live Next Monday April 4, features CADA’s team of hosts and creators, as well as some of Hip Hop and R&B’s biggest names.

From homegrown stars The Kid LAROI, Tkay Maidza, Youngn Lipz, A.GIRL and Becca Hatch to Cardi B, Lizzo, SZA, Bruno Mars and Khalid, the campaign “will highlight CADA’s considerable clout in the space, as well as their commitment to championing artists and their voices.”

The campaign will include the message, “we’re new on the block and we’ve gone beyond audio” and is expected to explain the thinking behind the new name.

Cada has various meanings in different languages. In Spanish it means ‘every,’ in Sanskrit it can mean ‘passionate,’ and in the Indian dialect Marathi it can mean ‘loose-tongued’ or someone who blabs.



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