Campos Coffee release All Things Coffee podcast

Are you a certified coffee snob? 

Do baristas tremble in anticipation of another of your complex coffee requests? Or are you looking to get into the industry and want to create the perfect brew?

Whatever your relationship with coffee, Campos Coffee has released a new podcast covering everything from the future of coffee to in-depth conversations with leaders in the coffee world. 

Hosted by Campos Art Director Alex McKendrick and produced by Content Director Ben RainfordAll Things Coffee brings the experience of 21 years in Australia’s specialty coffee scene into this new podcast. 

Each weekly 30-minute episode features interviews with McKendrick and some of Campos Coffee’s experts and guests who have been instrumental in Campos Coffee’s growth and sustainability mission. 

The podcast offers a look inside the coffee world through the lens of guests, including Campos Coffee’s Green Bean Buyer Lloyd Thom; Commercial Director John Ronchi; Gary Smith CEO of Biopak; and Abigail Forsyth, founder of KeepCup

“We want to offer listeners a fun yet informative glimpse into the world of coffee – and show that there’s so much more to it than the barista who makes your daily flat white,” says McKendrick. 

“Like Campos Coffee itself, each episode is approachable and unpretentious, and reveals why each guest is passionate about their job and about coffee.”

“Over 10 episodes, listeners will learn why making an affogato is the ultimate test for a Campos Coffee barista, how sustainability underpins Campos Coffee’s entire ethos, why building relationships with coffee growers is integral to what we do, and how innovation and technology might actually lead to a better cup of coffee in the future!” 

Guests on the first ten episodes of All Things Coffee include:

  1. Lloyd Thom – Campos Coffee’s Green Bean Roaster 
  2. John Ronchi – Campos Coffee’s Commercial Director
  3. Dan Audy – Flagship Manager of Campos Coffee, Newtown
  4. Gary Smith – Biopak CEO
  5. Geoff Clark – Campos Coffee’s Coffee Program Specialist
  6. Abigail Forsyth – KeepCup Founder 
  7. Will Nguyen – Great Cherry Co-founder
  8. Lynn Bremner – Artist who Campos collaborated with for their Christmas campaign
  9. Rafael Lopes – Flagship Manager of Campos Coffee, South Yarra
  10. Adam Matheson – Campos Coffee Head of Coffee

Episode one of All Things Coffee with Llloyd Thom, and episode two with John Ronchi are available to download on SpotifyApple MusiciHeartRadioAmazon Music, and anywhere else you get your podcasts.

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