Changes imminent at Talking Lifestyle 2UE

Our radioinfo inbox has been cluttered all day with emails and messages from 2UE insiders who have been telling us of a series of internal meetings today about impending changes to the Talking Lifestyle format.

We can’t confirm anything at this time, but the scuttlebutt is that a change from lifestyle talk to sport talk is likely to be announced any day.

Perhaps as early as tomorrow.

The clues have been mounting for weeks, with Macquarie Media CEO Adam Lang confirming to us last week that the Talking Lifestyle format was ‘under review’ and subsequent news from Crocmedia and SEN that they had secured rights to some rugby league broadcasts.

Ratings for the Talking Lifestyle format have been heading downwards for some time, and with Survey 1 currently underway, if a change of format is to happen it should happen soon.

With Survey 1 results due out on 13 March, NRL Footy season beginning this week, AFL season beginning later this month and cricket just beginning in South Africa in the overnight time zone, sometime between now and Easter would be a good time to switch format if it is going to happen.

It is unknown whether there will be a total change of format, or just changes in live sport timeslots.

It is also unknown whether the former Magic format music stations in Brisbane and Melbourne will follow any format change taking place on 2UE.


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