Community radio supports broadcasting legislation changes

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia has responded favourably to the amendments to the Broadcast Services Act (1992) and Radiocommunications Act (1992) progressing through Parliament last week.

CBAA Chief Executive Officer Jon Bisset commended the Minister for Communications:

“We congratulate Minister Fifield on guiding these amendments through Parliament, which will encourage a more timely extension of digital radio into regional Australia. These changes support digital radio as the future facing broadcasting platform and a vital element in Australia’s media environment.” The Minister has taken the lead in pushing these reforms and we look forward to working with him on digitisation issues as Australia transitions to a digital future.

Community radio is at the forefront of innovation, especially for the benefit of communities, and we will continue to be.”

The Broadcast Legislation Amendment (Digital Radio) Bill 2015 has passed the House of Representatives and the Senate has agreed to a third reading speech. The Bill is considered non- controversial and further passage is expected to be a formality.

The Bill reforms the digital radio regulatory framework to facilitate the roll-out of digital radio in regional Australia. Key outcomes of the Bill include ratifying the Digital radio planning committee for regional Australia, removing the digital radio moratorium period, moving authority for issuing ‘start day’ processes from the Minister to the ACMA, and removing the datacasting sub category for digital radio.

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