Contestant’s car crushed in radio promotion

Content Directors aren’t always thrilled about the affects that sales promotions have on the sound of their radio station. But Mix 106.5’s Ryan Rathbone couldn’t be happier with Rosso & Claire’s Car Crusher for insurance company GIO.

Ryan explains, “It started as a response to a GIO brief. They wanted to demonstrate their premium insurance product – if you insured your new car within the first year with this GIO product they will replace your car new for old for life / no depreciation regardless of age.

The entry was a simple online register to win a new car, the twist was you had to be prepared to crush your old car in order to play for a new one.”

Essentially the contestant had to surrender their car to be crushed and then had to answer 6 questions in 60 seconds to win a brand new car worth $30,000. If they lost they won the value of the old car – in this case a 17 year old Honda Accord valued at $600.

In a memo to staff, Ryan said, “This concept wasn’t something that was easy to execute. It has been months in the making and required some extraordinary long hours (including people sleeping in the building) to execute.

“Nothing I write will actually do this content justice so jump on logger and hear how it sounded for yourself it aired at 8am or (see below) and watch the amazing digital extension for this content.”