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Could this B105 recording become the city's new anthem?

Wednesday 10 April, 2013
Evermore at B105 with Labby, Stav & Abby

Brisbane's new breakfast leaders Labby, Stav & Abbyplayed an exclusive Evermore original this morning on B105.

Yesterday, Evermore played up close and personal backstage at B105 to a handful of listeners, as part of the B105 LIVE program.

After the performance, together with Stav, the group wrote and then recorded Stav's famous weekly Suburban Song segment, but this time they didn't select a specific suburb, the whole song is about Brisbane.

Could it become the city's new anthem? Judge for yourself.

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23 April 2013 - 8:51pm
Ahhhh yes. I remember dealing with Dene - constantly hassling me for voicing promos for Ridge Radio (though I was doing it for nothing).

Had the cheek to ask for a demo from me to voice track shifts (though he already had promos from me) - claimed he had something like 50,000 listeners and they we're taking it up to Power FM.

One look of their then website told me this was far from the case!


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