Digital Tx licences renewed for another 12 years in Britain

Britain’s national DAB multiplex company Digital One has been granted a 12 year extension to its licence by Ofcom. The commercial radio service, owned by Arqiva, will now continue until at least November 2023.


Digital One’s Operations Director Glyn Jones says the company remains committed to “expanding and developing digital radio in the UK.”


As well as the three original analogue stations – Classic, talkSPORT and Absolute – D1 currently carries Jazz FM, Planet Rock, Smooth, Amazing, BFBS, Premier, UCB and Absolute’s brand extensions 80s, 90s and Extra.


Ofcom has also given 12-year licence extensions to C.E. Digital’s multiplexes operating in Birimgham, Manchester and Greater London I, as well as Bauer’s Glasgow multiplex and the Greater London II multiplex operated by Switch Digital.