DMG appoints PD for Sydney

DMG Radio Australia, the company which in May won the highly competitive auction for the new Sydney commercial FM radio licence, has announced a major executive appointment, naming Sydney based international radio consultant, Dean Buchanan as Program Director for the new Sydney FM station. 

Dean will also assume the senior programming role in the company as Group Program Director for DMG Radio Australia.  Dean Buchanan joined international broadcast consulting company BP&R Sydney two years ago and has since provided world standard guidance to more than 30 successful stations in highly competitive markets throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Prior to these international consultancies, Dean was Group Program Director for 20 Youth and Adult music stations at TRN (The Radio Network, New Zealand).

AMT spoke to Paul Thompson who told AMT that Dean Buchanan “brings a range of skills to the new station, particularly in strategic programming and on air talent development.”  His substantial experience is not limited to any single format, allowing the new station to be totally responsive to audience needs.”

AMT: Who is Dean Buchanan? Thompson: That’s what people have often said about staff I’ve appointed, and look at the success they’ve had. What impressed me about Dean was that he didn’t have limitations on how he was thinking about radio. He is very intelligent and he wasn’t looking through a prism of someone else’s radio or company format. He took a broad view – that’s refreshing.

AMT: What about Dan Bradley?  Thompson: Dan remains Group PD of our regional stations, his position has never covered the capital cities. He will work closely with Dean and may eventually move to Sydney too.”

AMT: Did you get applicants from rival stations? Thompson: “Applicants for this position, somewhat to our surprise, came from all over the world and included some of the biggest names in world radio.  I was also pleased that it was not necessary to recycle programmers from existing Sydney stations to give DMG the opportunity to bring some fresh ideas and innovative programming to Sydney listeners. It became apparent that the new Sydney FM station is a focus for the radio industry world wide and this enabled us to secure such an outstanding international operator as Dean Buchanan. Dean brings the additional advantage of living in Sydney and knowing the city well. ” 

Dean Buchanan, who lives in Sydney with his wife Jennie and three children said:
“I am thrilled to be joining such a successful Australian company headed by Paul Thompson and with such a substantial international base. DMG Radio Australia has a world class programming team which I am very proud to now lead.”

“The opportunity to build a brand new station from scratch in the world’s most exciting city is very special.  Being able to bring together a new and passionate team of people with a new and distinct culture and having the chance to create something unique and original for the people of Sydney is an adventure few broadcasters ever have.  The people who join us and the listeners who listen to us will have the radio experience of their lives.”

This is an archival story from when radioinfo was known as AMT.

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