Ratings Survey 5 2000

The latest ratings have been released today (Survey 5 2000).

See Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.


In Sydney 2DAYFM topped the market with a healthy increase of  1 share point, bringing it up to 14.5%. It was 2DAY’s ninth consecutive survey win. 2MMM dropped the most of all stations this survey, down 3 share points to  10.3%, which sent the station into third spot and allowed 2UE to regain second place with 12.6% (up 0.3 share points). As seems to be the case in recent surveys, Macquarie stations 2CH and 2GB swapped audience, one going up (2CH up 1.3 to 6.9%) and the other going down (2GB down 1.1 to 4.5%). There was little  movement in other station overall figures.

2DAY won mornings (Ron E Sparks and Kate the Listener up 2.0 to 15.7%), afternoons (Cathy Dinn up 2.0 to 18.2%) and drive (Keith Williams steady at 15.1%). 2DAY cumes at 1.03 million listeners per week. 

2UE won Breakfast with Alan Jones up 1.2 to 16.6%, three share points ahead of the nearest competitor 2DAY which scored 13.7%. MIX 106.5 evenings jumped ahead by 1.0 to win the evening slot with 12.2%. 2UE leads on weekends with 12.7%, but dropped 1.0 from last survey. In fact football stations all lost weekend listeners this survey.

The wild card in the survey was WILD FM which was on air with its last test broadcast for part of  this survey and accounts for much of the 3 share point loss at 2MMM. Triple M lost 6.0% of 10-17s, 6.8% of 18-24s and 5.7% of 25-39s, an indication that there is a significant segment of the market that listens to the WILD FM format. Perhaps the recent media coverage of Wild FM has made it even more visable with the target audience.

On 2CH Bob Rogers had a good gain in mornings, up 2.2 to 9.0%. Most of 2CH’s gains came from the 40+ demographics during breakfast, morning and on weekends. 2GB lost in the 40-54 demographic (down 2.5 to 3.6%) with a significant drop in Brian Wiltshire’s evening (down 3.5 to 7.3%) and in Graham Richardson’s breakfast (down 1.8 to 3.8%).

2SM, which was bedding down its new talk format during the survey gained slightly, up 0.3 to 1.8%. 2KY dropped slightly from 2% to 1.8%.  2WS dropped slightly (down 0.1 to 6.1%), with a significant gain in the 18-24 demographic (up 3.5 to 4.9%) but losses in the other demographics. 2WS afternoons and evenings were slightly up and other shifts were slightly down.

2UE gained 55+ listeners in all shifts except Prue McSween’s nights, which dropped slightly from 12.1% to 11.9%. MIX picked up listeners in the 25-39 demographic (up 2.1 to 16.2%), dropping slightly in the ‘at work’ timeslots, but gaining slightly in breakfast and drive. 

ABC702 increased by 0.4 to 7.8% with a significant lift in the 40-54 demographic (up 4.1 to 9.8%). Richards Glover’s drive and evenings with Hutchison then Delroy were up significantly, Glover jumping 1.1 to 9.0% and Hutchison/Delroy up 3.0 to 7.8%. Radio National and News Radio were steady, ABC Classic FM was slightly up to 3.3% and Triple J was slightly down to 6.4%.

In Melbourne FOXFM strengthened its lead over 3AW, cementing the top position which it has held since survey 2 this year. Fox scored 15.3%, up 0.8 and 3AW  came in at 14.7, up 0.3. 3MMM dropped 1.2 to 10.9%, losing the third place position to ABC 774 3LO, which was up 0.9 to 11.6%.  3MP slipped back from the steady climb it has been making over the past few surveys, dropping 1.3 to 2.8%.

Despite being beaten by FOX, 3AW can take some comfort in the fact that its football coverage on weekends increased well this survey (up 0.9 to 14.0%) while 3MMM’s weekends did not (down 0.1 to 9.8%). 

FOX’s gains were in the 10-24 demographics with increases in all shifts except mornings with Barry Bissell and Brigitte Dulcos (down 0.5 to 14.7%). FOX’s biggest gain was in Kyle and Jackie O’s nights, which jumped 1.2 to 17.1% now that the shift presenters have been finalised and the hot30.com  format has been bedded down.

3AW’s gains were across all 25+ demographics, with Ernie Sigley’s afternoons down 0.9 to 11.4% and all other shifts up.  Struggling 3AK gained 0.1 to 0.9% and Sport 927 lost 0.2 to 1.9%.

Magic693 slipped slightly by 0.2 to 7.3%, losing listeners in afternoons and evenings. 3MP’s drop was more significant (down 1.3 to 2.8%) with a 4.2 share point drop in the over 55s, but gains in other demographics, probably reflecting movement in the older audience as the football season gets interesting. 3MP lost audience in all shifts. 

GOLDFM had a good increase of 0.9, bringing it up over a psychological barrier to 6.6%, a result that reflects recent work on the station’s format and positioning.  ‘The new’ GOLD FM picked up younger listeners in the 18-24 demographic and older listeners 55+. All GOLD shifts were up, particularly Mark Irvine’s afternoons with a 1.1 increase to 7.9%. ARN’s other station TTFM was steady at 10%, with a slight increase in breakfast and evening offset by slight decreases in ‘at work’ timeslots.

ABC774 3LO had a healthy increase this survey, up 0.9 to 11.6%. The rise is attributable to a 4.2 share point jump in the 55+ demographic, bringing 3LO’s share of this demographic to 22.7%, just a few share points below leader 3AW. Breakfast and mornings increased for 774 but evenings dropped.Drive, with new presenter Virginia Trioli and PM also increased, up 1.0 to 10.5%.

Radio National and News Radio were steady and ABC Classic FM was up slightly.Triple J jumped 0.5 to 5.3%with increases in the 25-54 demographics but a drop in the key 18-24 demographic, down 3.1 to 14.2%. Breakfast and Drive increased most at Triple J.

The Brisbane survey was a little more volatile than usual, with a resurgence by 4BC taking share from ARN stations and a continuing increase by second placed 4MMM.  4BC jumped 2.1 share points to 8.7% with a return of the 40+ audience to the station and 4MMM was up 1.8 to 17.9%. 

Market leader B105 was down 1.0 to 22.9%, still a clear winner with 5 share points between itself and second placed 4MMM. B105 lost share in the 18-39 demographics, but picked up listeners 40-54 (up 3.2 to 23.6%).  Drive and weekends increased for B105, while all other shifts were down. B105’s wayward 18-38ers drifted to  B105 is dominant in the 10-17 demographic owning a massive 56.8% of that age group. 

4MMM which was up by 5.2 share points in 18-24 and 2.2 in 25-39. The station also picked up 3.9 share points in the 10-17 demographic bringing it to 18.9%. Weekends increased in 4MMM, up 2.0 to 14.0%, reflecting the football content’s popularity with the 4MMM audience.

At 4BC’s all shifts were up as the football season strengthened weekend listening and breakfast, morning and afternoon each increased about two and a half share points. 4BC’s increases were in the older demographics. 4BH lost 1.6 share points overall, down to 7.5%,  with decreases in all shifts except drive and a 6.4 share point drop in its 55+ demographic, down to 14.9%.

4KQ was down 1.7 to 11.0%, retaining its third place position in the market, but losing 40+ listeners. 4KQ’s breakfast and drive were down, breakfast dropping 2.3 in breakfast to 13.1% and 2.6 in drive to 8.6%.  The breakfast slot is getting interesting in this market with B105 dropping (down 2.0 to 20.8%) and 4MMM gaining (up 1.4 to 17.7%) then 4KQ and ABC 612 in third and fourth place. 

ABC 612 4QR increased slightly, up 0.3 to 8.4%, with a drop in the 40-54 demographic being offset by an increase in 55+. ABC 612 breakfast was slightly down but other shifts were slightly up. 4RN and News Radio were steady and Triple J was down 0.3 to 7.5%. 

ABC Classic FM scored a good increase of 0.8 in Brisbane to bring it up to 3.9%, its highest figure in that market for at least three years. Afternoons and drive were the biggest increases for Classic FM with afternoon up 1.1 to 3.9% and Stephen Lawrence’s drive up 2.1 to 6.6%.

In Adelaide top station SAFM dropped 2.4 to 21.7%, but still retained first place ahead of 5ADFM, which was up 0.3 to 18.1% overall. SAFM’s drop was the biggest movement of the survey.  SAFM’s drop was most significant in the 18-24 demographic with an 11.7 share point drop to 39.1%, with listeners moving to 5MMM and 5ADFM plus community radio. SAFM lost share in all shifts except nights. 

5AA increased by 0.8, up to 15.3% with increases in the 40-54 demographic and a good jump of 1.1 at breakfast, which is up to 14.0%, third placed in the market behind SAFM and 5ADFM’s breakfast shows.

5DN was steady at 6.0% with breakfast, afternoon and drive slightly down being compensated by morning and evenings which were up. 5ADFM’s slight increase was due to gains in the 18-24 demographic and an increase in mornings (up 1.3 to 20.2%) and afternoons (up 0.7 to 18.3%).

5MMM’s increase was from the 18-39 demographics, but the station had a corresponding decrease in 40-54’s, which dropped 4.5 to 12.7%. All shifts except nights increased for 5MMM, with the biggest increase in afternoons, which was up 1.3 to 16.2%.

ABC 891 5AN was up 0.5 to 7.2% with increases in the 40-54 demographic. All shifts were up, with the best increase in evenings which was up 0.7 to 6.5%. Triple J suffered a drop of 0.7 this survey, losing 5 share points from its 10-17 demographic (down to 17.5%). While Triple J’s breakfast increased, all other shifts dropped. News Radio also fell, while Radio National and Classic FM increased.

In Perth Austereo’s MIX strengthened its lead and the intense rivalry between PMFM and 96FM resulted in a dead heat for second place.

PD’s Duncan Campbell (96FM – Southern Cross) and Rob McCasker (PMFM – Aiustereo) have been fighting it out hard in recent surveys and the stations have been see-sawing for dominance over each other. The result, both stations sitting in second place at 14.7%, shows how close the race has become. PMFM increased by 1.0 with a 4.3 share point increase in the 25-39 demographic, bringing the station to 24.2% in that demographic, compared with 96FM’s 21.3% of 25-39s. All shifts except nights and weekends gained for PMFM.

96FM was down this survey after a good result last time around.96FM lost 3.1 share points in the 10-17 demographic where it is dominant (40.3%). A decrease in the 18-24 demo was offset by an increase in the 25-39 age group. All 96FM shifts were down except afternoons and weekends, which remained steady.

ABC 720 6WF  had no movement and is fifth placed at 9.7%. Evenings increased for 720 (up 0.8 to 9.2%), but drive was down (0.7 to 8.1%), with small movements in other shifts. Triple J dropped 1.5 to 7.5%, losing mostly 18-24 year olds and dropping in alll shifts, especially afternoons, which was down 2.5 to 8.2%. Radio National and News Radio were steady and Classic FM was up 0.6 to one of its best surveys ever in Perth – 4.0% 

This is an archival story from when radioinfo was known as AMT.


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