Farewell to the ‘ancient and soon to be ex-broadcaster’: Phillip Adams’ last Late Night Live

Thursday night, June 27 2024, is the end of an era, with Phillip Adams, ABC Radio National‘s Late Night Live host of 33 years, turning off his microphone for the last time.

ABC Friends Victoria member Dale Williamson wrote this tribute:

“Phillip is retiring and a stable part of my life will change, and a gap will be left. It is a huge loss.

No other radio program has offered the range of topics or the quality of interviewees that LNL has provided, week in, week out. My respect for Phillip is enormous, and I feel many of the people he has interviewed feel the same warmth and regard that I hold for him. He has provided an intellect able to confidently meet world thinkers, along with a curiosity that made the conversations rewarding.”

Adams himself had a special message for his one devoted listener, Gladys, below:

In a farewell at the ABC today, ABC Managing Director David Anderson and former Premier and Foreign Minister Bob Carr (an ABC journalist in his early career) paid tribute to Adams, amongst many former staff and colleagues who spoke about his long influential career. Carr spoke about Phillip Adams’ championing of many important causes in media and journalism, including support for Julian Assange.

In his farewell speech Adams recalled how he moved from commercial radio to the ABC and spoke about the magic of radio: “Unlike television, radio doesn’t have sets or costumes but it does have memories… it fills our minds.”

As last night’s show went to air, news was breaking about Julian Assange’s release from prison, a poignant link to Adams’ closely held cause of media freedom.

Opening the show he told listeners: “One of the regrets I had was that I couldn’t interview a free Julian Assange… it’s a dream that at last, after 1901 days in Belmarsh Prison, he is on his way back to Australia.” Listen to the show here.

David Marr takes over as Late Night Live host on July 15, but only until the end of the year.

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