First Nations Media Awards are now open

The 2019 First Nations Media Awards are now open for nomination.

There are 27 Award categories celebrating the contributions of people working across the First Nations media industry in remote, regional and urban locations.
The awards recognise significant contributions over the years, encourage emerging producers and presenters just getting started and celebrate excellent content that tells meaningful stories with budgets big and small.
Major Awards:
Lifetime Achievement | Preston Memorial Award | Outstanding Contributor 
First Nations Media Legend | John Macumba Remote Media Operator of the Year  Steven McGregor Award for Best Emerging Talent in Film/TV 
Mr Garawirrtja Award for Contribution to Media, Entertainment & The Arts 
Mr McKenzie Award
Content Awards:
Best Short Radio Documentary | Best Feature Radio Documentary 
Best Feature TV Documentary | Best Community TV Documentary 
Best Language/Culture Production | Best Sports Coverage 
Best Drama or Comedy | Best Low Budget Music Video 
Best High Budget Music Video | Best News or Current Affairs Story 
Best News or Current Affairs Program | Best Interview or Oral History
Best Photography | Best Promo or Station ID – radio
Best Promo or Campaign Award – TV, Print or Online
Development Awards:
Best Training and Professional Development | Best Digital Product
Organisational Excellence

Nominations close on Friday 23 August