Future options for satellite Earth stations

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has released a discussion paper signalling its intention to develop a long-term strategy for the sustainable siting of satellite Earth stations.  Earth station siting provides guidance on both the establishment of new Earth stations and other space communications facilities as well as the expansion of existing facilities.


The ACMA paper considers the potential options for the siting of Earth stations into the future by taking a band by band approach to the identification of the challenges of using each space frequency band up to 20 GHz. The assessment primarily focuses on Earth receive bands including radio astronomy bands.


The paper also considers each current major Earth station site in Australia, discussing the implications of spectrum demand on the continued viability of that particular site, and also considers the implications of future spectrum needs of other services, particularly wireless broadband.


The ACMA is keen to hear from industry on issues that may be relevant to long-term planning for Earth stations and other space communications facilities. The responses to the discussion paper will be used to formulate a long-term strategy.


Download the discussion paper at the link below. Closing date for submissions to the Earth station siting discussion paper is 7 October 2011.