A good reason for mum to do an OB

Nova 100’s Meshel Laurie will celebrate a major milestone when her five year old twins start school tomorrow.

Meshel & Tommy will broadcast their breakfast show live from her home in Altona so Meshel can prepare Louie and Dali for their first day of prep this Friday from 6am to 9am.

The team have enlisted some well-known guests to join them during the morning including the Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews, who’ll make cheese sandwiches for the twins’ lunches, mother of three Alex Fevola and award winning children’s entertainer Peter Combe. A number of friends of the show will also provide their support.

Meshel said: “There is a societal expectation for a mother to be present for her children’s first day at school, unfortunately I’m contractually obliged to be supervising Tommy on Friday so I’ve had to bring him home with me.”

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