Keysar Trad to pay 2GB $290K in defamation costs

Muslim community spokesperson Keysar Trad will have to pay $290,000 in court costs to 2GB after losing his long running defamation case.

After the Cronulla riots in 2005, Trad attended a rally and spoke to the crowd about the “shame of tabloid journalism.” Urged on by Trad, the crowd booed and harassed a 2GB news reporter, who was covering the rally.

The next day 2GB broadcaster Jason Morrison described Keysar Trad as “gutless” and accused him of being a “disgraceful and dangerous individual” who incited racism and violence.

So Keysar Trad sued the station, and has won and lost various appeals in the past ten years as the case progressed.

The first indicaton of costs is now coming to light.

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