Greg Allen’s Bang a Gong wins Australian Enterprise Award

The ACE Radio Network‘s Greg Allen has won an Australian Enterprise Award for Bang a Gong. Allen launched the website and its associated social media as a Covid project in 2020. It was named Best Online 60s & 70s Music Resource by the APAC Insider magazine awards.

During the pandemic Allen used his passion for ’60s and ’70s music with a website featuring more than 1200 songs, video clips, single and album chart statistics, song and artist details, and curated Spotify playlists. The website’s name is from Marc Bolan and T. Rex’s 1971 hit ‘Get in On, Bang a Gong’ with the Facebook page having more than 34K devoted Australian and international followers.

Allen told APAC Insider:

“The site includes many songs from Australia, and I love that some very talented local songwriters and artists from over the years are being given more exposure in other countries. Australia has always had a vibrant music and recording industry.” 

Greg Allen, is an announcer for 2UE, 3MP and occasionally Magic 1278. He has worked as a radio presenter, music director, journalist/newsreader, program producer, voice artist, and writer for nearly 50 years.

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