Abbie Chatfield back for season six of It’s A Lot

A new season of LiSTNR‘s It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield has commenced with new artwork by Hungarian artist Kamilla Varga. Chatfield, in season six, continues her commitment to calling out bad behaviour and telling it exactly how it is.

In the first episode out April 16 Chatfield hands the microphone to her listeners to share their thoughts and feelings in ‘Abbie-esque’ rants. A later episode sees Chatfield interview activist and advocate for sexual assault survivors, Grace Tame. Chatfield’s new boyfriend might feature in a later episode too.

Chatfield said of the new look of her podcast:

“We felt like it was time for new artwork for the podcast because the previous art was traced on an old iPad at 4am when I decided to start the podcast and I never really thought to change it. So, we’re really excited about the new artwork and are thrilled we could work with Kamilla Varga to make such fun podcast artwork that reflects the direction that the podcast is heading!”

LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of Entertainment and Culture, Sam Cavanagh said:

“On It’s A Lot, Abbie and her guests tackle topics that are often considered taboo. However, with Abbie’s trademark candour and humour, these discussions resonate with her legions of listeners, and she is fast becoming one of this country’s most important voices. We are extremely proud to see her podcast continuing to grow and challenge the status quo, whilst also being a runaway commercial success.”

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