Hadley distanced himself from Alan Jones after hearing allegations

2GB’s Ray Hadley told listeners on air yesterday that he was aware of sexual assault allegations against Alan Jones from a former 2GB employee.

In a carefully worded editorial, Hadley described a conversation between himself and the person known by the pseudonym Bradley Webster, who was quoted in a Sydney Morning Herald article which alleged that Alan Jones sexually assaulted young men.


Alan Jones has denied the allegations through his solicitors Mark O’Brien Legal.

Hadley’s account of a conversation he had with Bradley Webster was consistent with the allegations published by Kate McClymont in the SMH. He said:

“After earlier asking me not to reveal a private conversation [Bradley Webster]… has now given me permission to share details of our private conversation… He told me his story, at the time I was not aware of those circumstances until that day…

“The behaviour he was alleging was unwanted sexual advances from a person in a position of power, that being his boss Alan Jones…

“From the day I spoke to Bradley, [my relationship with Alan Jones] was basically severed, given it had already been strained over other matters not related to the allegations made by Bradley.”

On 2GB, Ben Fordham also addressed the allegations saying, “Alan knows better than anyone that we don’t shy away from challenging topics, that’s why we are talking about this case here and now.” He read the legal statement from Alan Jones’ lawyers denying the allegations, then went on to share a summary of the Kate McClymont report, saying:

“Allegations that Alan Jones used his position of power to prey on a number of young men, indecently assaulting them, groping or inappropriately touching them without their consent.”

A statement released by Mark O’Brien Legal on behalf of  Alan Jones says:

The allegations against Alan Jones by Kate McClymont published today in the Nine newspapers are demonstrably false.

In the short time available since publication we have obtained substantial factual information which contradicts and refutes the alleged pattern of conduct by Mr Jones.

We have retained Senior Counsel and have instructions to immediately serve a Concerns Notice under Section 12A of the Defamation Act as the first step in the commencement of defamation proceedings.

There will be no further comment by or on behalf of Mr Jones.

Former broadcaster Derryn Hinch tweeted about criticism that he had not spoken out about Alan Jones, reminding his followers that legal processes must be followed by broadcasters.

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