Half a million donation to KIIS 106.5’s listeners in need

On KIIS 106.5‘s Kyle & Jackie O breakfast program this morning John and Joanne Navarra visited announcing that they will personally donate $500,000 to listeners of the show in need of a little financial assistance.

The Navarra family set up the Navarra Care Foundation in 2017 to give back to the community through fundraising initiatives and donations, as well as preparing 220 meals per week for the homeless through Navarra Venues. Late last year they announced The Miracle Millions, a charitable initiative aiming to donate one million dollars to assist individuals and families struggling with health and disability needs.

John told Kyle and Jackie O:

“So basically, Joanne and I, we worked very hard all these years, and we’ve always been a little bit frugal with our money. And we decided it’s time that we give back. We’ve always given back. But now we just noticed there’s a lot of struggles out there. It really hurts me when people, mothers and fathers working two jobs to try and get ahead. And I’m getting a little bit emotional at the moment.  You [Kyle & Jackie O] inspired me with the stories.”

Jackie O:

“We sometimes struggle to get that money so this is going to be huge to be able to help because we get a lot of letters, and we get a lot of people coming to us needing help. And sometimes it just feels like you can’t help everybody. But this is going to make a huge difference.”


My brother and sister and I, we prepare 220 meals per week for the homeless, through Navarra Venues for the homeless people. That’s an ongoing and plus we have Navarra Care Foundation, which actually sponsors a lot of people with people with dementia. There’s a lot of people out there really struggling with dementia. It’s growing.”

This incredibly generous donation will be distributed to listeners over the coming months on the show. You can nominate someone in need and tell their story here.

This is Kyle and Jackie O’s last week in the North Ryde ARN studios before moving into brand new facilities in North Sydney. Sandilands told Byron Cooke who is warming the chairs for them on KIIS 101.1 that their launch into Melbourne wouldn’t happen until after the studio move, so that date must be very close.

Pictured from left to right: Kyle Sandilands, John Navarra, Joanne Navarra, Alfie Laguzza and Jackie Henderson





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