History was NOT made on 2GB on Sunday

Our original headline was: History was made on 2GB on Sunday – maybe

On Sunday, 2GB’s Deputy News Director Natalie Peters posted on social media about her duo shift with Erin Molan.

We speculated that it may have been a radio first today – a female duo hosting on 2GB!

If it wasn’t, it certainly was a rarity on an otherwise very blokey line up.

Good thing we riddled the story with disclaimers. We got it wrong.

Natlie was filling in for John Stanley on Sunday afternoon along with co-host, the Continuous Call Team’s Erin Molan
It was one of our readers, Kayley Harris who blew the whistle on us. She wrote, “Hi guys, just to clarify on your story about two women on air at 2GB, I’ve hosted two shows with another woman, Angela Bishop and I worked weekends about 5 years ago and more recently, Kate White and I hosted The Wedding Show on Sundays for 3 years.”

So there!
Ironically, Kayley actually produced Natalie and Erin’s show on Sunday and she told us “both are a delight to work with.” 


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