‘I was at home and had the radio on and thought I’ll just give it a go’

Those were the words of Manly local, Marianne after she correctly guessed the four smooth stars voices and won the $89,500 cash jackpot.
Yesterday while Marianne was out walking with her daughter she was feeling lucky and it turns out she was right.

In her first time calling smoothfm, Marianne got through to Byron Webb who confirmed that Melanie Griffith was the final smooth stars voice and awarded her the life-changing amount of money.
The four famous smooth star voices in order were American actress Melanie Griffith, comedian Gary Coleman, actor Robert Redford and Simply Red front man Mick Hucknall.
Yesterday afternoon Marianne had been listening to smoothfm with her mother and thought she would have a go at guessing the final smooth stars voice. Her first call was met with an engaged signal so she tried again. Byron Webb answered her call and gave her the news that she had just won $89,500. When Marianne told her mother the good news she responded saying “please don’t have a heart attack.”
She plans to share her winnings with her family and two charities that are close to her heart, the Fred Hollows Foundation and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.
Marianne is the 29th major winner of smooth stars and smooth stars express, a competition which has given away over a million dollars in the last three years.

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