International Radio Festival leads the way with Blockchain for radio

The use of Blockchain technology in the audio world will be explored at the International Radio Festival’s Audio Conference in Malta on 1st November. 

Cliff Fluet will present the session and lead the way in the exploring how Blockchain can benefit the radio industry and what it might mean for audio and other creative businesses.

Cliff says the potential impact of Blockchain is “staking a claim as being the most talked-about disruptor.”

The session will explore how Blockchain can directly facilitate consumer sales and peer-to-peer transmission, allow a producer or musician to be able to track, tokenise and monetise their works including recordings, artwork, publishing and merchandise; and help ensure the protection of intellectual property.

Cliff, a digital lawyer from London-based law firm Lewis Silkin, advises clients on music-based content, branded entertainment and rights issues.

The Audio Conference is just one part of the ninth edition of the International Radio Festival.

Other speakers at the Audio Conference include composer and producer David Lowe discussing his work on branding and idents around the world, including the BBC News theme.

Mixcloud’s Head of Community, Xanthe Fuller, BBC Research & Development’s Nicky Birch, and the co-founder of digital distribution pioneer The OrchardScott Cohen, will look at how the radio and audio sector is reinventing itself.

The day will close with legendary record producer and artist Martyn Ware in conversation with presenter and DJ, Carly Wilford, talking about his career, from founding the Human League in 1978, to his current work with unique 3DAudioScape immersive sound technology.
There are more details about the conference here.

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