It pays to ride the Wave in WA

Wave Words, Mandurah’s ultimate music quiz, just made one lucky listener $10,000 richer.

Across the summer, listeners of 91.7 the Wave tuned in for clues to complete their crosswords…song names, artist trivia and more went into making this year’s Wave Words the ultimate test for music lovers.

With an increase of over 60% in entries this season, Wave listeners seem more eager than ever to prove their music chops and score the big bucks.

How can 35 answers and ten thousand dollars change your life? Just ask Misty Hayden Wood of Port Kennedy, winner of Wave Words.

Host Ali, from Breakfast with Gunners & Ali, stopped in at Misty’s house yesterday to tell her the good news and it was an incredible uplifting moment for all involved. It hasn’t been the easiest year for Misty and her family, so she was a deserving winner,

The Wave’s competition was sponsored by Sea Change Realty Mandurah, Poolmart Mandurah, The Fish Market Mandurah & Rockingham, and The Brighton Hotel Mandurah.

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