KIIS 101.1’s Jase and Lauren’s Melbourne Mate Dates

After on-air discussions about the increasing issue of loneliness in young Australian adults, KIIS 101.1’s Jase Hawkins and Lauren Phillips have launched a special way of assisting the problem – Jase & Lauren’s Big Melbourne Mate Date.

The concept came about when newsreader Clint Stanaway shared how he has struggled with loneliness, travelling to and from Sydney every weekend for his role on Weekend Today. It sparked a wider discussion, including with psychologist Sandy Rae.

The show has since launched a Facebook group KIIS Melbourne Mate Dates where listeners can create friend meet ups and chat to like-minded individuals, with Jase & Lauren hosting their very first in-person Big Melbourne Mate Date, which will see strangers come together to create new connections.

Lauren Phillips said:

“Jase, Clint myself and everyone in our team had a discussion about the topic and we all realised there has been a time in our lives where we’ve felt lonely and isolated. It doesn’t mean you don’t have people around you, it just means you are suffering some kind of loneliness and it is really hard to make adult friends. That’s a common denominator with all of us.”

Jase Hawkins added:

“This is a movement. The community started online and now it’s time to meet face to face. We want to host the first of many Big Melbourne Mate Dates. This is about having a night where you come along by yourself, and you leave with mates.”

Jase & Lauren’s Big Melbourne Mate Dates first meet up happens Thursday Aug 31 at Ballers Clubhouse Carlton from 5pm.

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