KIIS 101.1’s Lauren Phillips is a terrible neighbour

Matt Damon says so.

When KIIS 101.1 breakfast presenters Jase & Lauren were talking about ‘bad neighbours’ in a  segment this week Lauren said she didn’t even know her neighbours personally.

It seems she forgot she lived next door to the Bourne star when she was in Byron Bay earlier this year.

But Matt Domon called in to remind her about it.

“Hey, this is Matt Damon calling all the way from New York City,. I heard you were talking about horrible neighbours,” he told a shocked Lauren Phillips.

He challenged her claim that she didn’t know her neighbours: “She would come to family dinner for three straight months… send the kinds over and never leave.”

Damon also let on that Lauren likes to sing after a few sips of wine.

“Half a glass of wine and you forced us to listen to you sing. She’s not afraid. Volume isn’t a problem. And confidence isn’t a problem either… There was a certain point where everyone went to bed and I just felt bad so I stayed up talking to you,” joked Damon.

Proving he genuinely rang up just to roast Lauren, Matt Damon didn’t even take the change offered for him to promote his new films. “I don’t want to plug anything, I called to plug you as a terrible neighbour Lozzie.”



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