Kyle & Jackie O set another record for breakfast: Cumes Survey 7

Another record-breaking survey for Kyle & Jackie O as they record 818,000 listeners for Survey 7, and take KIIS 1065 to 1.365M listeners, both a record number for the station and for Australian radio.

Bogart Torelli is up by 16,000 to 595,000 with Christian O’Connell up slightly to 589,000 while Fitzy & Wippa also improved slightly to 583,000.

Also in the 500+ club, Chrissie Sam & Browny (573,000), Jase & Lauren (566,000), Fifi Fev & Nick (561,000) and Ross & Russel (541,000)

FOX FM dropped down to number 2 for this survey with 1.345M listeners, just in front of GOLD 104.3 with 1.321M.

The top eleven stations all have over 1 Millions listeners each, smoothfm 95.3 (1.276M), NOVA 100 (1.237M), KIIS 101.1 (1.236M), NOVA 969 (1.216M), and smoothfm 91.5 (1.183M).

2Day FM continues to add numbers, up by 55,ooo to 933,000 and their breakfast show with The Morning Crew of Hughsey Ed & Erin up by another 12,000 to 377,000



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