Liam finds Jase and Lauren and $84K in Nova 100’s Hide and Seek

Jase and Lauren have been found by Liam from Elwood, ending Nova 100‘s game of Hide and Seek, and winning Liam $84,000.

The competition commenced last Friday June 14 with the starting prize amount of $250K steadily decreasing as the hours and days went by without someone knocking on the correct Melbourne door and saying:

‘Jase and Lauren come out, come out wherever you are.’

Liam had just picked his daughter up from school and was following the 96 tram line when he saw a building with a sun on it that corresponded to one of Jase and Lauren’s clues.

He said:

“And I thought, maybe that’s another clue, sunshine to the west. So I’ve been down there, and I’ve been up and down Bourke street. And then after I left school, when you played the last message saying you’re not far from your new home, I went and picked up my daughter at Albert Park. And as they were driving home, I went, hang on a minute, York Street. Maybe they’re near there, the grand old Duke of York… so then decided to come down and have a walk around.”

Liam knocked on the door, uttered the phrase and Jase and Lauren opened it with Lauren saying:

“Oh Liam, Liam and beautiful Lilith, your 13 year old daughter here, Liam, can I tell you something very exciting? You just won $84,000!!”

Liam: “Oh, my wife’s gonna be so happy!…It means so much. We’ve been struggling for years to get a deposit together for a house, and that’s a big chunk of a deposit right there.”

The address was 407 City Road South Melbourne.”

Jase said:

“So we are in a vacant office building, is where we’ve been hiding. Because all our bedrooms are like little offices off to the side, and it’s above the Dulux paint Trade Center. There’s a giant for lease sign out the front.”

Below are the clues the duo gave corresponding to the location:

Clue 1: Sunshine is west = If we look out the window, Sunshine the suburb is West,

Clue 2: Add me together and you get eleven = the address is 407 City Road – 4 + 7 = 11

Clue 3: If we look out the window, we see red = The South Melbourne 99 Bike store is across the road and is painted RED

Clue 5: Some things aren’t meant to be broken = If you look on google maps, there used to be a national repair centre

Clue 6: All eyes are on us = ARA Security services is next door

Clue 7: Sorry we have to dash = The name of the very first Dulux dog is Dash

Clue 8: Our origin is the same as a stone = South Melbourne is historically known as Emerald Hill

Clue 9: If I’m frank you can follow me to the water = City Road takes you to the bay (water)

Clue 10: We are within 18Km of Chadstone = Distance from Chadstone Shopping centre to 407 City Road

Clue 11: Always sitting in front of a Duchess = York street is behind City Road

Clue 12: We are near one of 96 stops = The 96 tram line stop (Cecil st & Cecil St) is the closest to our location

Clue 13: Stairway to heaven = We are on level 1, take the stairs to us

Clue 14: Turns out we are not far from our new home = We are in South Melbourne, the same suburb as Nova

Jase & Lauren can be heard from 6am to 9am on Nova 100 in Melbourne.

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