Mamamia’s new podcast is aimed at women struggling with parenthood

68% of women say nothing could have prepared them for being a parent so a new podcast tries to help.
Mamamia has created a new podcast, Me After You, mainly for women with kids under four who may be very familiar with the question, “Who the hell am I now that I am a Mum?”
The new podcast series, hosted by Laura Byrne, explores personal stories of identity and motherhood and the episodes cover themes of, family, relationships, work and career, body image, acceptance, selfcare, travel, hope, friendship and more.
Each week Laura will share stories from mums who have lived some of their lives in the public eye, like Teresa Palmer, Narelda Jacobs, Alex Nation and other mums who have incredible stories to tell.

Mamamia’s Head of Content , Holly Wainwright, said, “One of the reasons for podcasts’ popularity amongst women is how conveniently they slot into her life, and this collaboration with Huggies is just so on point. We’re thrilled to be helping mothers feel seen, heard and understood at this profound time of their lives, using every strength of the podcast medium.“
Me After You’s ten episodes will drop weekly from July 22nd at, or wherever you get your podcasts.






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