Melbourne community licence delay

The ABA’s community radio licence application for Melbourne seems likely to be delayed until 2002.

Paul Taylor from the Melbourne community radio sector writes to AMT: “Is there any plausible reason why the ABA cannot begin licence hearings in Melbourne? Just because the AM licence cannot be allocated due to legal action undertaken by narrowcasters using 1116kHz, does that necessarily mean that the FM allocations cannot proceed? Or is it just because it’s Winter in Melbourne? I am not involved with any of the aspirants, but would just like to know what is REALLY causing this unbelievable procrastination. As if there hasn’t been enough already!! ABA please explain, we have a lot of people awaiting your next move. Like the entire Melbourne radio listening audience! You DO remember Melbourne, don’t you? You know, the place at the OTHER end of the Hume Highway?!?!?!