Mitsubishi features digital radios in latest ad campaign

Car manufacturers are very savvy about what they feature in their advertisements.

Body shape, drivability, seat comfort and features are carefully scrutinised and the elements most calculated to appeal to buyers are finally chosen to be featured in car ads.

At the moment Mitsubishi’s prime time tv ads are highlighting digital radio as one of the most important dashboard entertainment options.

Presumably their dealers and marketing information is telling them that purchasers are asking for digital radios in their new cars, and the company is responding.

The Mitsubishi ASX ad shown during the prime time Channel 9 program Love Child showed the usual exterior shots of the car, then cut to interior shots, highlighting the dashboard radio console, showing the female Sydney driver switching channels between WSFM and Hit 104.1.

Various car reviews online and in magazines have also commented on the addition of DAB radio in the ASX model, which is praised for allowing customers to access all the new stations that are available on the digital radio band.

Have you seen any other car ads featuring  digital radio? If so, let us know in the comments box below or via our twitter or facebook pages.


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