MIXX tops the Horsham survey: Xtra Insights

MIXX FM is the station listened to most according to the latest Xtra Insights survey for Horsham, the first for the area since 2018.

With a gain of 1.8 to 33.8. MIXX leads 3WM, down 3.4 to 27.8 from ABC Wimmera, down 4.9 to 14.4.

The Morning Crew of Gabi & Dan (MIXX) also lead breakfast with 33.4 from 3WM’s Morning Rush team of Sean & Monkey on 22.7.


Both MIXX (27,500)  and 3WM (22,700), who are a part of the Ace Radio Network, made good gains in overall cumes, up 4,500 and 2,800 respectively.

ACE Radio CEO Mark Taylor says, “In a time when music streaming services, podcasting and other forms of audio get a lot of exposure, it is wonderful to see that traditional radio in our Wimmera market continues to flourish. We have always been highly committed to supporting regional communities, and it is humbling to see the local community listen in such big numbers”.