#nofilter #seafm #loveyourself

This morning at the Southport Broadwater Parklands Sea FM’s breakfast show with Galey, Ross and Charli put on a special “#nofilter” event as a celebration of loving ourselves without the filter.

The #nofilter event is all about encouraging the Gold and Tweed Coast to embrace what they have, and love ourselves no matter our shape, size or physical imperfections.

The idea for the event came from an email Charli received from a young Gold Coast woman who wrote about how she felt too uncomfortable to work out at a gym because of the stares and rude comments that she had directed at her due to her weight.

The breakfast show received an overwhelming amount of calls, emails and letters from women of the Gold and Tweed Coast who related to the story and who also feel the pressures and insecurities of their physical appearance on a daily basis.

Take a listen to Charli’s message.


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