Nova’s Merrick and Rosso get very trashy

Tomorrow morning (24 October), Nova 969’s Merrick and Rosso will rubbish claims they never give away anything good on their breakfast show, by lifting the lid on the $100,000 Wheelie Bin of Fortune.

This load-of-garbage promotion started five weeks ago, when Nova 969 management broke into Merrick and Rosso’s office, stole something; tossed it in a wheelie bin and covered it with $100,000 in small change.

Their office is so messy, not even Merrick and Rosso know what it is!

“I’m pretty sure it’s not a dead body,” says Rosso. ”

Knowing Nova, we’re just as likely to open up the wheelie bin only to find out that someone forgot to put the item inside!” Merrick says.

Daily clues have helped listeners try to guess what’s in the bin. Some of the clues have included: “Bigger than a tennis ball, but smaller than a watermelon” and “I travel as a whole, but you can pull me apart”.

Around 350 listeners have registered guesses, including everything from a stubby holder, a pez dispenser, and almost anything related to either the Six Million Dollar Man or The Incredible Hulk!

Merrick and Rosso will entertain hundreds of registered listeners in an OB at Sydney Superdome Grand Ballroom in Olympic Park, Homebush tomorrow morning when they finally get their grubby mits on the Wheelie Bin of Fortune and find out what’s inside.

Someone who has guessed correctly will walk away with $100,000.