NT Votes on Digital Radio

ABC Radio will give Australians a local perspective on the upcoming Northern Territory election when it broadcasts ABC NT Votes on digital radio this Saturday, 25 August.

As the polls close, ABC NT Votes will broadcast 105.7 ABC Darwin’s election coverage, anchored by Julia Christensen and Richard Margetson.  They will be inside the tally room, bringing comprehensive coverage as votes are counted in each seat.

Labor NT president, Senator Trish Crossin, and Country Liberals Deputy Leader, Kezia Purick, will provide analysis and insight into trends in the count.

Rohan Barwick will lead the coverage from the Alice Springs team as they keep listeners across what’s happening in Central Australia.

Listeners can follow developments on the thread #NTVotes on twitter, join the conversation via our social media pages on facebook (/1057ABCDarwin) and twitter (@1057Darwin), and hear about that conversation with regular updates through the coverage with Michael Murdoch.
The digital radio broadcast will begin at 6:30pm AEST (6:00pm central time). More details of coverage at www.abc.net.au/darwin

On our Twitter feed we received this comment regarding this story:


In reply, the ABC’s manager of digital content Tony Walker has told radioinfo:

“The ABC is not on the Darwin trial. We already know the technology works in Darwin. The costs of participation in the trial are high. We see no need to spend money we don’t have (trial participation is not govt-funded) trying to find out something we already know… [The ABC] is strongly committed to regional extension as soon as the government decides the rollout framework.”