Onesie War 104.7 vs 2CC

Canberra 104.7’s ‘Onesie Wednesday’ vs 2CC’s ‘Wunsday.’
“Seriously Wunsday? That’s the worst name ever,” morning announcer Dan Jones has told radioinfo.
Jones reckons 2CC ripped off 104.7’s idea, and in retaliation, morning announcer Sarah Miller decided to call and offer 2CC a personalised 104.7 Onesie. The prank call went to air on Marcus Paul’s 2CC drive show.

Marcus Paul has now vowed to have his revenge.

Following Marcus Paul’s suggestion that 104.7 should give him the Onesie as he ‘needs something to take a crap on,’ Miller and Jones decided to go to the belly of the beast, the Capital Radio Network offices.

“We marched up those stairs with our present for Marcus and upon realising there was nobody guarding reception placed it gently on the receptionist’s keyboard and fled the scene,” Jones told radioinfo.
Marcus Paul happily received the Onesie and wore it with pride.

He also put it up on the 2CC Facebook page with the 104.7 logo all over it.

104.7 played back the audio today.

Then Marcus Paul played back the replay on his drive show, with his own additions and his take on the matter.

Jones has the last word: “The way I see it 104.7 are the clear winners here with the original and best 104.7 Onesie Wednesday!”

Or does he… Let’s see what Marcus Paul has in store for his revenge.

It’s good to see a bit of good natured rivalry in the national capital, providing good PR for both stations. without directly threatening either station’s ratings because they target different audience segments.

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