Osher leaving Hit105 breakfast

Osher Gunsberg told listeners to Hit105’s breakfast show this morning that he will not be back on air next year.

After 2 years back home in Brisbane breakfast radio, Osher revealed he had made the hard decision to leave the show at the end of the month, due to increased TV commitments in 2018.

To soften the blow, he decided to tell his on air colleagues Hit105’s Stav, Abby & Matt about his decision in a very unique way…

“There’s something we talked about that I wanted to share…and I thought it would be best if I shared if through song,” he told the team. 

Excited at first at the thought that perhaps Osher’s wife Audrey could be having a baby, the team slowly realised they may be wrong about the ‘big news’ and they weren’t too impressed!

“If your wife’s not pregnant, I’m going to throttle you!” Matty yelled after the first verse

After the chorus line of “I’m leaving Brisbane” was sung, reality set in. 

“Did you write a quitting song while on holiday?!” Abby asked

“I wrote a song to say I love you, and it’s been the most wonderful two years of my life,” Osher sang.

He will be kept busy with a new series of The Bachelor and is also releasing a new podcast through the ABC: a third season of the popular live storytelling podcast, Tall Tales & True, a season presented by Osher Günsberg to mark World Mental Health Day will be released on Tuesday 10 October.

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