Peter Thompson to leave RN Breakfast

Radio National breakfast host, Peter Thompson, will step down next month.

Thompson says the demands of the job are too much for one person.

He has told The Sydney Morning Herald’s Sue Javes: “We have discussed various permutations but, clearly, budgetary restraints were going to limit the possibilities.

“The show has never felt better, but there comes the time when the prospect of another 200 early morning starts is too daunting.

“I’ve taken my time making the decision, but having made it, I feel comfortable. I’m keen to do other things with the network, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

Thompson has left once before – in 1999 – but returned in 2002. As a way of cutting back on his workload, it is understood he suggested a four day week or even doing eight out every ten weeks.

Apart from Thompson, Radio National must also find a new breakfast Executive Producer. Jacqui Hervey is also leaving after a two year stint.

RN boss, Mark Collier, says the network has already begun looking for a new presenter and EP.

“Peter wants to retain a relationship with Radio National. We’re keen to do that and we’re exploring alternatives for him.

“We would have loved him to do another year and another year and another year, but it’s not to be. He’s putting his life ahead of his career, and that’s his call and we respect that.”