Stanley off the Streets

2UE afternoon presenter, John Stanley, has hosted eight East Timorese orphans at Luna Park with Youth off the Streets’ founder, Father Chris Riley.

The eight orphans are visiting Australia as part of Father Riley’s ongoing efforts to establish a presence in East Timor. The children arrived on Saturday morning and will be mentored by Father Reilly and teenagers involved with his Youth off the Streets program.

Father Riley appears regularly on Wednesday afternoons at 1.15 on Stanley’s show.

Luna Park in Sydney jumped at the chance to become involved yesterday and offered complimentary rides to all the children and mentors from midday.

Luna Park Director, Warwick Doughty, says: “Father Riley does a wonderful job and Luna Park is more than happy to assist.

“I get the impression, though, that John Stanley is far more nervous than the children about going on the Wild Mouse and the Rotor!”