Sammy J welcomes Taylor Swift to Melbourne in song

Taking to the keyboards just like Tay Tay, ABC Melbourne breakfast show Sammy J wrote a song in Swifty style to welcome the singing icon to his city.

Tickling the ivory in the ABC music studio, he chronicled the sights that Taylor should visit in Melbourne in her time off between her three concerts at the MCG, tonight, tomorrow and Sunday and posted it in Instagram.

His advice to the star was to avoid places such as Punt Road and instead sample the highlights of the K Mart store in Burwood, “the oldest in the town,” but to avoid catching e-coli at Brighton Beach.

“Don’t forget to shout, because the MCG’s pretty big baby,” was Sammy’s performance advice.

“Like this comment if you think Taylor should give me a free ticket…” said Sammy’s comment on the post.

Judging by the likes for the Instagram post, many of Sammy’s listeners agree with him that this song should be chosen by Taylor Swift as the warm up act for tonight’s concert.


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