So where did the Dream Machine end up?

This morning, Nova Meshel & Tommy’s Dream Machine journey came to an end.
All week Meshel & Tommy shared the Dream Machine with their listeners as reported earlier by radioinfo.
Thursday Meshel & Tommy’s Producer Liza hit the Hume Highway in the Dream Machine with the aim to see how far North she could travel on one tank of petrol.
Meshel & Tommy organised a number of distractions to keep Liza focused; a tight little two piece performing Jamie Lawson’s hit “I Wasn’t Expecting That” on repeat and Bond’s model Jono joined the trip at the Wallan North truck stop.

After travelling for over six hours, the Dream Machine finally ran out of petrol in Hay and Liza ensured it was the car’s final resting place by setting it on fire.

Check out the video.

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