Some say he’s a loose cannon: Mark Latham’s new Triple M show

Mark Latham has had a gutful of political correctness.

’There’s been a surge in political correctness in Australia and quite frankly it’s pissing people off,” says Latham at the announcement of his new radio show and podcast.

Helmed by one of the most divisive political and social figures of our times, Lathamland is a podcast and radio show, taking on what Latham dubs the ‘Elitist Left’ as he fights for every Australian’s right to free speech.
Latham believes the right to free speech is being violated by everyone from ‘lefty feminists’, ‘political elites’ and even ‘the ABC’ and Australian’s are tired of being told how to think, speak and act.
Latham resides in the South West of Sydney and hears first hand that the political correctness that crept in during the 90’s is now so over the top it is damaging and dividing the nation.  He believes it has resulted in political apathy with the average Australian turned off from positive political debate ‘listening to all this rubbish’.
He also believes a culture of outrage and offence has stifled language to the point you can’t, for example, call someone who is fat fat without a barrage of offence and outrage. He reckons Australian’s have had enough.
Some say he’s a loose cannon; others agree with him and think he’s just what this country needs.
Lathamland begins tomorrow, Friday 22 January, 12 noon on Triple M Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The first podcast of the show can be heard here in which the former Labor leader has been heavily critised for taking aim at domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty. 

He claimed “Rosie Batty has been out there generalising” about men, and said a solution could be found in attacking poverty instead of demonising men.


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