The CBAA seeking radio support for budget submission

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) are looking for a significantly increased funding allocation for community broadcasters from the 2024/25 Federal Budget to deliver their ambitious Roadmap 2033: a ten year vision for community broadcasting.

Community broadcasters deliver over 500 AM/FM/DAB+ services and 2 dedicated television services that reach over 4.93 million people across Australia each week. The sector’s social and economic impact is driven by 17,800 volunteers and 1000 employees generating $1/4 billion in value.

The CBAA holds that current funding levels are insufficient to:

  • meet station demand for grants
  • meet growing community need for services
  • support efficient, multi-year grant-making
  • respond to technological, social, environmental and economic trends
  • support investment to build station resilience, support innovation, enhance the sector’s community impact and deliver a better return on investment to taxpayers
  • achieve social and economic outcomes desired by stations as well as community and government stakeholders.

CBAA’s Pre-Budget submission offers to harness the power of community broadcasters, staff and volunteers to:

  • give more Australians access to trusted, independent, local news and information from diverse sources;
  • play a unique, hyperlocal role communicating emergency information and provide more support to build community resilience in times of disaster;
  • support self-determination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and close the gap in social and economic outcomes;
  • elevate Australian music, arts and cultural industries;
  • strengthen social and economic inclusion and cohesion, support settlement of new migrant groups and strengthen multiculturalism; and
  • provide more skilled career pathways into the media and communications industry for all communities.

CBAA’s Pre-Budget submission is asking the Australian Government to allocate $40 million per annum to both the Community Broadcasting Program (CBF) and the Indigenous Broadcasting and Media Program (IBMP). This is over $18 million additional funding to each.

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