The decision to axe me was wrong: Marcus Paul

Writing exclusively for Radio Today, sacked 2SM breakfast presenter Marcus Paul says he believes the decision to axe him from the breakfast show was wrong.

But he is not bitter, he is looking towards his next opportunity.

“Marcus Paul In The Morning brought people in their 20’s,30’s and 40’s to AM talk radio – while also providing content for those 50 plus with regular discussions about issues affecting the elderly. I was doing my job – and the mere fact I garnered so much confected ‘hate’ from some, again proves that in my opinion I was doing it well,” he writes in the article.

“Isn’t the job of a broadcaster to tap into public opinion? I would have thought so,” he asks.

Speaking about the j0b of a journalist, Marcus Paul writes:

“My job is NOT to be an echo chamber for the LNP Governments – it is to provide a ‘fair and accurate’ commentary on issues as they play out. That is how a ‘democracy’ is supposed to work – and where ‘free speech’ must play a vital part.”

Read the full article by Marcus Paul here.


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