Triple M Breakfast host to attempt live radio broadcast underwater

Triple M Southwest Breakfast Presenter Angie Ayers is set to take her show to new depths on Friday when she presents her show from 18 metres underwater.

Diving the world class Lena shipwreck off the Bunbury coast in Western Australia’s Southwest, Angie will present her live breakfast show to thousands of listeners with an extra ten thousand sea creatures watching on.

While radio broadcasts have been done underwater in the past, including in pools, aquariums, and the Great Barrier Reef at 5 metres deep, Angie is set to more than triple the current record.

An experienced scuba diver, Angie says the challenge brought together her two passions in life: radio broadcasting and the ocean.

She says, “The challenge came from a listener of the show, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to showcase the unbelievable marine life and reef located right on our doorstep in the southwest.

“I’ve been told I can talk underwater, so it’s time to put that to the test.”

Angie and her team will integrate commercial scuba communication equipment with the radio broadcast gear to take listeners on an underwater exploration of the Lena shipwreck.

Angie says, “We’ll be combining all the fun of a normal breakfast show – good times and greatest hits, along with a first-hand look around one of the best dive spots in Western Australia.”

General Manager, Ian Kennedy says that of all the crazy broadcast ideas he had heard in the last few years, this underwater challenge would really stretch the limits of radio broadcasting.

He says, “Our presenters often go above and beyond to make their shows entertaining, enjoyable and relevant to their local community, that’s what our listeners love about Triple M. But this is really taking it to the next level.

“An extraordinary amount of planning has gone into this underwater broadcast however there is still a lot that could go wrong. We’ll all be eagerly listening in on Friday as Angie take us all on an underwater adventure.”

Torry Goodall from Bunbury’s Commercial Water Dives has been a key part of the preparation and will accompany Angie on the dive to manage air supply and buoyancy while on the wreck.




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