Two big guys – one milk bath

It all started when Nova 93.7 Breakfast team Nathan, Nat and Shaun discovered that Perth Wildcat Greg Hire had indulged in a milk bath with team mate Jesse Wagstaff in Bali.

Fast forward to today, when the team challenged Biggest Loser trainer Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis to join the NBL basketballer in a milk filled tub at the Nova studios.
Commando agreed to take the plunge- and Nova 93.7 rewarded him by donating $1000 to The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund for victims of the Parkerville bushfires.

When asked if it was his first milk bath with a man, The Commando admitted “it’s the first bloody milk bath I’ve ever had”.

In an attempt to make The Commando feel more at ease, milk-bath veteran Hire, brought a survival pack for the two of them including Milo, chocolate-coated strawberries, marshmallows, a rubber ducky and some scrubbing brushes.

In a nod to his bath mate, Hire also donned a pair of camouflage commando trunks, later stripping them off to reveal a pair of black budgie smugglers.

Here’s the video:

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