No long hair for Hire

Nova 93.7’s resident Perth Wildcat Greg Hire has chopped off his ‘magnificent’ locks live on air with Nathan, Nat & Shaun.
And he did it all for a good cause, raising over $2,000 for Youth Focus & Mental Health Week.
It’s been a whopping 2 years since the Wildcats defender has had a haircut, and Nova 93.7 Breakfast co-hosts Nathan Morris, Nat Locke & Shaun McManus were extremely keen to get their hands on the scissors.
Hire even noted that when Nat held the scissors, she was “the person I’m most scared of with this!”
Luckily, it all went relatively well, in fact, Morris now fancies himself as a hairdresser.
He said “I am really good at this – Greg looked amazing! Nathan’s one-minute hairstyles – call me now.
And though he was extremely sad at the loss of his ‘epically magnificent’ hair, Hire was over the moon at the funds raised for a charity close to his heart.
You can still donate to Greg Hire on behalf of Youth Focus.

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